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Before applying visit www.UnitedLegion.net

United Legion is now recruiting new members! We are a multinational gaming community specialising on the PS3 playing Battlefield 3. We are a fairly new clan but have been playing together for 2 years!

Our goal as a clan is to bring tactics and team work to Battlefield 3, we have no lone wolfs in our community.

United Legion is build on a hierarchy leadership structure, each new recruit is assigned to a squad, squads are made up of 8 players, including two Squad Staff, the squad leader and the squad leaders second hand.

We have 2 practice days a week, Wednesday & Sunday, both practices start at 7:00pm GMT (apart from the aus squad). We also have optional practices throughout the week. When players attend a practice they receive attendance points, these points are used to show the players experience and rank.

At United Legion we understand that Real Life always comes before gaming, we would never ask a player to choose between his Real World interests and the United Legion community. If a player cannot make a practice they simply inform their Squad Leader.

Please only register if you are willing to play as part of a team and follow tactics that we implement. Also we do not accept any Boosters/Glitchers/Cheats into our community.

If United Legion sounds like something you would be interested in joining then please sign up at


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