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Prayer for Battle

O God, my Father, I come to You through trust in Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave His life as a substitution for mine for the forgiveness of my sins, and whom I have accepted by faith as my Savior.

I thank you for Your grace gift of eternal life! I ask for Your continued grace blessings and Divine protection for my Nation, my Marine Core, my Family, my Marines, and myself.

I ask for Your Divine Wisdom to guide my Nation, my Army, and myself in the coming battle. Guide my superiors so that they can think clearly, plan tirelessly, and act decisively. Shield our Marines from the weapons and intentions of the enemy. And help me to remember my training, and to apply those lessons to the swift defeat of our enemy.

I appeal to Your Divine Justice to grant us the Victory!

I ask this in the name of the Lord of the Armies, my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.



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