RIP: non-competitive
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This platoon is for:

* former RIP competitive members that are currently inactive and not playing competitive in our RℯSт iη Pℯa¢ℯ team

* potential recruits wanting to play competitive

This platoon is NOT for:

* former members that were shady, we have kept this platoon for the people that have kept it real no matter whatever decisions they have made in gaming

Founded March 2012; started out as a for fun team playing pubs together while meeting elite players at random. As skill and love for the game continued the team evolved and RIP went competitive a couple months later.

RIP is built on these 4 principles: Skills / Strategy / Loyalty / Respect


* this is usually the first step before getting into the official RℯSт iη Pℯa¢ℯ platoon

* you can try but it is extremely difficult to get into our main team

* if you are interested in playing competitive and think you have very high skills feel free to add a leader

RIP is a 12 vs 12 Conquest Team ONLY


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