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Current Version:
New Download:

+ Update window when new verion is online.
+ Added Armored Kill Maps
+ Added New Medals
- Fixed Bug with double Rules

You founded a BUG?
You can report here:
Send me a PM.

Changes Version ->

+ Added new TreeSelect weapons
+ Added Premium and DLCs pictures
+ Added 10 new CQ Weapons
+ Added 4 new CQ Maps
+ Added missing weapon(SG553)
+ Renew Weapon and Map Logic (we had a long testing time but the logic is new and can have some BUGs. If you find some please report.)

- Deleted Old CheckBox Weapons and 2 Buttons(Select All and Unselect All)

Download: [NEW]

Changes Version ->

+ Added Donation Link
+ Changed Prices:
Trial 0€ -> 0€
Half ?? -> ??
Full 5€ -> 0€
+ Deleted Trial and half version(only Full for free)
+ Removed LicenseKey logic
+ Removed LogIn/LogOut logic
+ Some Performance Updates

- Deleted Trial and half version(only Full for free)

Download: [OLD]


Changes Version ->

+ Added Variables (You can use it per Drag & drop to the TextBoxes)
+ Added Numeric TextBoxes where are ONLY Numbers allowed
+ Added User Settings(Deleted Languages)
+ Added Textbox for Comments
+ Major Performance Updates
+ Changed the UI now it shows better than before

- Fixed Critical Bug with the Categories(Damage, Map and MapMode)
- Fixed Bug with the pictures (Map and Mapmode)

Download: [OLD]


Changes Version ->

+ Added 3 More Actions
+ Added 3 Languages (English, German and Frech)
+ Added function Copy Rules with one Click
+ Added Easter Egg (:D)
+ Added UnderConstruction Dialog
+ Added more Icons/new Background
+ Added Copy Text(All created Rules will be marked AND copied so you only need to go in ProconRulz and paste)
+ Added Kits (can set how much Snipers can be on the map Max.)
+ Added Save as a File (Now you can save yor rules as a Text File)
+ Performance Updates

- Added more Try to Catch Exception in in the Buisnesslogic and UI
- Fixed the Error Message
- Fixed Bugs on Create Rules
- Fixed Exception when more Conditions are selectet
- Fixed Bug Select All Weapons
- Deleted CSharp Code (CheckBox)
- Fixed Download File BUG File isn't ~80MB -> now ~10MB

Download: [OLD]


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