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This Platoon is for organizing competitive scrims. All teams should post in the feed to schedule a game. Check the platoon page regularly for teams that have players on and ready to play. This will also make the page more active.

If you would like a change to any of the statistics below please ask. If you are in the platoon but are not on the list it simply means you do not have enough recognition so please contact any of the teams below and gain recognition.

Active teams will now earn tallies for playing scrims and must maintain tallies to stay on said list. It works like a reputation system and the only thing I ask is please post in the platoon feed after you have completed scriming so I know to award your team with a tally. Much love
1 Tally = I, 2 Tallies = II, 3 Tallies = III, 4 Tallies = IV, 5 Tallies = V, 6 Tallies = VI, 7 Tallies = VII, 8 Tallies = VIII, 9 Tallies = lX, 10 Tallies = X.
(Please report any scrims played from Monday, August 20, onward by posting in the platoon feed or by messaging me.)

XV : [iC] - iCoNiC - Contact - xBRx xTACTICSx
Game type: CQ 5v5-12v12
Availability - Mon-Thurs, Sun 10est to 12am Est

lX  : [PrG] - Prime Gaming - Contact -  Big A Hen
Game type: CQ 5v5-10v10 
Availability - Mon-Sun 7pm-9pm EST

lX : [SiN] - Team Sinister - Contact - zXz L3AGUE zXz
Game type: CQ 8v8-12v12
Availability - Mon-Sun 10pm-2am EST

VI : [tB] - The Business - Contact - Fatal xz
Game type : CQ 10v10-12v12
Availability - Mon-Sun 8pm-11pm EST

Vl : [CDN] - Team CDN - Contact - J1MB0 BuNgA
Game type: CQ 10v10,12v12
Availability - Mon-Thurs 1pm-6pm EST Fri-Sun 1pm-8pm EST

V : [EMP] - EMPIRE Gaming - Contact - Vixxeta
Game type: CQ 5v5-12v12
Availability - Mon-Sun 9pm-1am EST

V : [BURN] - Team Burn - Contact - DwrightTID
Game type: CQ 12v12
Availability - Fri-Sat 6pm-8pm EST Sun 4pm-8pm EST

lV : [AoA] - Attendants of Ares - Contact - xxXWolfZzz
Game type: CQ 8v8-12v12
Availability - Sun-Thurs 8pm-10pm EST Fri-Sat 8pm-whenever

lV : [eXz] - Team eXz - Contact - eXz NexesTLD
Game type: CQ 8v8-12v12
Availability - Fri-Sun 3pm-6pm EST

lV : [JMP] The Gun Show - Contact - LeadRak6
Game Type - CQ, Rush, Sq Rush
Availability - Monday - Friday 9pm -11pm EST
Saturday - Sunday 8pm - 12am EST
(24 hour notice)

III : [WaW] - Watch and Witness - Contact - Vague Being
Game type: CQ 8v8-12v12

II : [TS] - Tough Shit - Contact - zer0sixx
Game type : CQ 10v10-12v12

IlI : [COMF] - Comandos Anfíbios - Contact - Alexx SN
Game type: CQ 5v5-12v12
Availability - Mon-Fri 8pm-11pm EST Sat-Sun 2pm-7pm EST

I : Epsilon - Contact - Epsilon2EASY
Game type: CQ 5v5 - 12v12
Availability: Monday - Sunday, Any Time.

l : [T1ER] - Tier One Gaming - Contact- kevdabomb420
Gametype: CQ 5v5 8v8 12v12
Availability - Mon-Sun 6pm-10pm EST

l : InFamouS - Contact- InFamouS Sulfu
Game Type: CQ 5v5 - 12v12
Availability : Mon - Thu 12pm - 5pm EST, Friday 2pm - 7pm EST

I : [F] - [F]amous - Contact - uck iTz sKi
Game type: CQ 8v8-10v10
Availability: Friday - Sunday 6-8pm EST

: [BAT]- Official B.A.T- Contact Hoge PBx
Gametype: CQ / Squad Rush 8v8-12v12 Availability: Mon-Sun 12pm-6pm EST


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