Fear n' Rolla's Col.
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FNRc is a joint coalition formed from the FU2 platoon and RNR platoon. We are a battle ready crew seeking to sharpen and hone our skills on the battlefield.

Not everyone is accepted into this platoon. Your are hand picked by our leaders.

We will specialize in ground, and air warfare.

Play as a team and stick with your squad. No stragglers and no Army of One's.

Team; pronunciation (tm) (noun)

1. Sports & Games A group on the same side, as in a game.

2. A group organized to work together: a team of engineers.

3. A brood or flock.

Soldier; pronunciation (sol-dier)

1 . An active, loyal, or militant follower of an organization.

This is FNRc ; If we want you we will find you.

********** FNRc Battle Report; 4-0 **********

FNRc vs. OP 3-0 (MVP RHA_Blitz3erking)


FNRc as (FU2) vs. KGMA 3-0 (MVP ewm98)

FNRc vs. NwC 2-0 (MVP xxSoldOutxx)


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