[DW] Boot Camp
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Recruitment Status: OPEN

''Forget your lives before this moment as they are gone forever, while you are here in my camp we will train you,train you hard. Train you so hard all you will dream about is training but mark my words by the end of Boot Camp you will all become Gods or Soldiers''
''Cpl Dunne, June 26, 2008''

In DeathWatch Boot Camp we will evaluate your;
:Teamwork skills
:How well you respond to orders
:Organisation in the game
:Communication both on and off of XBL
:Respect for your fellow DeathWatch Operators

{Instructers: DeathWatch BCI, DarkJester55}

1:Rock the [DWBC] clan tag with pride
2:Add all other [DWBC] members on XBL
3:Do not be a member of any other platoons
4:You must have a Mic (No Kinect)
5:Must be 18 yrs or older
6:DLC required
7:Must attend practices, if not able to attend please notify us on the website
8:Sign up for the DeathWatch Website

---DeathWatch Website---

- (DRGN) - Dragon Reavers - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391692962280/

Dragon Reavers Ambassador: pDRAGONq http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/pDRAGONq/stats/348171962/xbox/


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