ANZ Gamer
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Welcome to ANZ Gamer, we are brothers in arms who fight together on the battlefield, sounds like you?..Welcome to ANZ Gamer soldier!!
We are the largest clan in Australia/New Zealand and have one of the top scrim teams. Please register at our website before applying to this platoon.

Our scrim platoon:

History of ANZ Gamer (Non Venom Squad Scrims):
GAMR (Phantom Squad) vs NZE 3-0 CQ WIN
GAMR (HC Army) vs MR 06/04/2013 - CTF 5-3 WIN
GAMR (HC Army) vs ATS 12/04/2013 - CQ 3-1 WIN
GAMR (HC Army) vs NZE 12/04/2013 - CQ 3-0 WIN
GAMR (Phantom Squad) Vs ATS 14/04/2013 CQ Won 2 - 1.
GAMR vs TOA 14/04/2013 0-3 LOSS
GAMR vs Ozzy 19/04/2013 1-2 CQ LOSS
GAMR (HC Army) vs ANZ 27/04/2013- CQ 2-1 LOSS
GAMR (Phantom Squad) vs ATS 18/05/2013 - CQ 3 -0 WIN
GAMR (Phantom Squad) vs EFU 31/05/2013 CQ 6-0 WIN
GAMR (Phantom Squad) vs FED 22/06/2013 CQ 2-1 WIN
GAMR (Phantom Squad) vs NBKA 12/07/2013 CQ 3-0 WIN
GAMR (Phantom Squad) vs ozzy (dev) 21/07/2013 CQ 3-0 WIN


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