The A-Team
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The only affiliates of The A-Team are [IFIF] Freedom Fighters.

The A-Team is a group of experienced Battlefield 3 XBOX 360 players who are frankly tired of playing in public lobbies and are seeking more of a challenge by competing in as many matches on any game mode against other teams. Defeat is never an option for us when we go into a match but we welcome it when it is deserved, giving us a goal to aspire to. We are not a linear team and play all game modes to perfect all aspects of our game. Our main objective is to be the best all around team.

Recruitment Requirements:
First of all you must have a mic, communicate is essential. You must play with the team and show your worth, stats are not enough to be able to define what you are able to add to the team. Must Have Premium.Message Jb3ds, LiddoKun, or TH3 SQUIRREL4 for details.

Recruitment Status: Open

To challenge [A]-Team in any game mode, contact Jb3ds, LiddoKun, or TH3 SQUIRREL4 on Xbox Live.Xbox One.

*Battlefield 3 Overall Record*
-Sq Rush: 17-3
-CQ DOM:0-0

***Squad Rush Champions of the Squad Wiped Part 2 Tournament on***

*Battlefield 4 Upcoming Matches* Xbox 360/Xbox One



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