48th Ghost Batallion
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Welcome to

48th Ghost Battalion

The fight between Russia and USA is going on for a long time, a lot of battle’s are lost and won. But the war is not over. The United Nation’s said it is going to far, so the UN created a battalion that’s sent on to the battlefield. Russia and USA are making war crimes so they needed a group of warriors that are not noticed as a other army. So that’s when 48th ghost battalion was created. They are trained to survive in other army’s with out being noticed. They need to fight on the site where they are making the right choices. But on 27-02-2013 all contact was lost with the UN when everything was going wrong. The UN was going for complete radio silence and the 48th Ghost Battalion needed to survive in the war. Without any information or when the UN picks them up. But the are still on the battlefield …

President : Mr-Junky_X3

Vice-president: abdul_king

Sergeant in arms:

If you want to Join the 48th Ghost Battalion on the battlefield you cane apply now!

- Over 18 years old
- Be a active player
- If you go on a server, follow the rule’s if you wear the official clan tag of 48th Ghost Battalion
- Be mature and have fun
- You don’t need to where the tag. You can wear what ever you want. Only on events and clan wars we ask you to wear the 48th tag



--> BaD Company

--> BaD Company 2

Fight with glory, or die with honor.


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