8v8 Infantry ONLY Cup
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This is a 8v8 Infantry ONLY Single Elimination CUP. WE ONLY PLAY CORE, HARDCORE IS TOO EASY!

* There will be american teams and south america teams in the cup so PLZ have a translator if you can or ask me :)

I will pick the map for the each round

Rules for In-Game:
- No Shotguns, NO 320, NO Recon kit at all, No C4, No XBOW,
- No Ringers(Players have to be in the TEAMS ROSTER, If the team that has a ringer and is not in their roster they will LOSE the round were the Ringer played).
- 100% tickets
- No kill cam

Rules for the Cup:
- You will only play 4 rounds(if a tie breaker is needed then you can pick 1 map 1 round, the team that won round 4 gets to pick side and map.
- If you want to set up your match on EA matches then its cool.
- Teams have the rigth to play their map on their server and the other teams map on their server.
- If there is a player that plays for multiple teams then he or she must decide to pick one platoon, he cannot play for 2 or more teams.

- Round 3 must be played by September 22nd of sept
- And Finals will be played by 29th of sept

*If you do not follow any of these rules, your team will lose the round were the problem occurred*

Link to brackets> http://challonge.com/8v8infantryonly



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