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rX vs SaD
Juve vs mAAd
dOOp vs VICI
cYYo vs TTs
Coes vs pD
Lord vs EpiC
vM vs TRS
TPOL vs kAi
Pain vs zX
vPro vs iG
ST6 was the last clan that I drew and there is no clan to war them so either they get a buy or I will find a platoon to compete with them. sorry guys :(

** now I do have an official bracket but it wouldn't work if I tried to post it on here so do not worry I will keep track of everything for you. you have until next Thursday to complete your match. Eah clan will agree on their own rules and the server they will play on. Post your rules and time of your match on the platoon wall and that will lock you in. If you need to change your time post it on here and let the other clan know. If you have any problems just ask me.


1) Respect and have Fun
2) No Shotguns
3) No M320 (only smoke is allowed)
4) Teams can have up to 30 members participating, but no double Roster!! . If any members double rosters he/she will be disqualified. If that player uses a second account and double rosters, the team who uses the second account and the player will be disqualified. Players choose 1 team that they will compete with.
5) Javelin is allowed on all ground vehicles. Air vehicles may not be locked onto and fired at from javelins. If a team uses a soflam and accidenty starts locking onto an air vehicle, that's okay. Just do not fire. 3rd seat of the tank is allowed. Just only lock onto ground targets.
6) NO GLITCH OF ANY KIND. you must have proof!!!! Now I know all of you do not have capture cards but all that is required is to record or take a picture of a player glitching using your phone and send it to me through email. It if you record your matches with a. Capture card just simply send me the link. I will review it with both teams, you will both explain and I will make my decision. I will be creating a new email for this tournament and I will release that when it is created

The Tournament bracket will be posted 2nd week of September.


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