Air Fighters nabs
Tag: [aFN] Fans: 9 Erstellt: 02.08.2015

Welcome to the platoon of Air Fighters nabs
We are searching for great Jetpilots, Helipilots- and Gunners. If you are one of those, aFN is the right place for you. We are playing public as well as unranked (heli 2vs2 or jet dogfight).
You need a wingman in Jet or a Pilot / Gunner in Heli? Ask for it - there will be evrytime some players, who are flying / playing with you.
If you want to join aFN, you have to meet the following requirements:
+ you have to be a skilled helipilot / -gunner or jetpilot
+ teamplay! if you are not able to play with your team, aFN is definitely the wrong platoon for you
+ it would be nice, if you use our aFN clantag
+ be polite! dont insult other players!
+ no cheating / hacking / gliching
+ no teamkilling / teamramming
+ play fair!


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