Old School Gaming
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Hi and Welcome to Old School Gaming!
This Platoon Was founded by 4Ever_Ba2, on 2014-01-30.
The aim is to promote 2 versus 2 matches between talented Attack Helicopter pilot/gunners in Battlefield 3.

Old School Gaming 1st Season (2014-03-17): http://oldschoolgaming.challonge.com/v3f0ew1t#
★"Team Golden Eagles" (TurboPummel & Navy-eu & T800c)
★★"Team Beard" (Bluup-Ringen & RobbaPower)
★★★"Team Akbar Vertolyot" (-cG-MAVE & -cG-AXE & Bounce_Bouncy)

Old School Gaming 2nd Season (2014-05-16): http://oldschoolgaming.challonge.com/2nd/standings
★"Team Golden Eagles" (TurboPummel & Navy-eu & T800c)
★★"Team S.I.D." (VorrrrrTex_dE & NeW_ReVoLuTiOnZz)
★★★"Team Yolobirds" (Bluup-Pain & chrs-kth)

Old School Gaming 3rd Season (2014-10-04):http://oldschoolgaming.challonge.com/t9jptiy5
★"Team haxMASTERS" (VerrrX & AC-Topper & B7ackhawk)
★★"Team Akbar Vertolyot" (-cG-MAVE & -cG-AXE)
★★★"Team Roflcopter" (NoobY_PILOT & NoobY_GUNNER & r3tardotron)

---------------------------By joining the Old School Gaming Platoon you agree to our rules!
------------------------------------------★★★★ Rules and Regulations ★★★★
Hello all dear friends / members of the Old School Gaming. Everything has an end in the world we live in, and soon it is time for us to shutdown everything in 2vs2 as an active platoon. Private life has come to a new lvl for me and I see that I do not have time to control and organize games. We have had real good moments together and I hope you all enjoyed it with all the work we put down just to give you a real 2vs2 fight up into heaven in BF3. Thank you all as participants, members and employees of our platoon. We really made a difference and I think we have been one of the most active 2vs2 platoon out in BF3 world. See you maybe in the public servers, it is 4Ever_Ba2 leader of Old School Gaming 2vs2 platoon that shuts down the platoon at 2015-05-01 Time: 13:35 CET.
Fight for fun, this is just a game!

E-mail: Oldschoolgamingbf3@gmail.com
Better Battlelog: http://getbblog.com/en/

THE END: 2015-05-01 / 13:35.