Hack Free Server
Tag: [HFS] Fans: 23 Created: 2011-10-24

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Hack Free Server is a community of Server Owners, Admins, Clans and Players that actively support and protect our right to play on Hack Free Servers.

To be added to the Hack Free Server you must be added by a Server Owner or Admin of an Official Hack Free Server.

To Have your Server Added to the Hack Free Server community your server must present proof of the following.

- PBbans Streaming Server
- Actively taking and reviewing PB Screenshots
- Knowledge of Hacking prevention techniques
- Knowledgeable, experienced and active Admins

Hack Free Server List:
=L1S= Last One Standing 64 Man Server
=L1S= Last One Standing 32 Man Server

**More Details on how to become a part of this community are coming soon

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