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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to our Platoon Coalition.
We are not a platoon with strict requirements or tasks.
Fun is important for us in the game and team spirit. If you are interested in becoming a platoon member, then you can apply to the platoon on this page.
Anyone that wishes to wear our clan tag must apply on our official clan website to become a full clan member.
*[ Please make a new Thread ]*

Information & Rules:
╔►▣ Platoon Members: please play without Clantag

╠►▣ Full Clan Member & Admins: please play with Clantag

╠►▣ Please do not play just for your statistics, teamwork always helps.

╠►▣ Server uses Metabans Cheater Banlist


╠►▣ 24/7 Vehicular Warfare [ END GAME MIXED ]

╚►▣ Server Rules:

No base attack from a vehicle or aircraft unless returning fire against a stationary vehicle camping inside the base.

Be respectful towards others.

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