22 Battalion B Company
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Platoon Presentation

We are 22nd Battalion B Company. Welcome to our recruitment page in which we will explain why you should opt to join into our platoon.
If you are interested continue to read:

NOTICE: Send a Friend request to an active Leader or Founder if a Application message has been sent! We like to get to know our Applicants.

~ What we Require out of you
- A Microphone is encouraged (Use the PSN-Text chat otherwise)
- Teamwork to achieve the objective in all sectors of gameplay
- Having fun while playing
- Have to be active / or equally active
- Not to team-kill without cause
- You can speak English / Or Polish (Polski)

~ What about stats?
- We don't require any stats for you to join

~ What about DLC's?
- We encourage the B2K (Back to Karkand) Pack
- We encourage the Close Quarters Pack
- Armored Kill is not needed (Users preference/May Change)

~ Do I need Premium?
- It is user preference/Not required

~ Why should I join your platoon?
- We encourage teamwork
- We create a fun environment in those crazy situations / and in general
- We welcome new players with some experience of teamwork.

~ What server regions do you play in?
- We usually play in:
- European (EU)
- East America (EA)
- This is determined on Ping ranges!

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