VIP Escort mode
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A group for the VIP Escort mode

==== RULES =====

Attack Squad:
*You may not be Recon. That is the only limitation.*
-Objective: Protect extraction point and kill VIP.

Escort Squad:
*You may not be Recon. That is the only limitation.*
-Objective: Communicate with VIP, find location and rescue VIP, once VIP has been located, make your way to extraction point.

-You must be Recon. You are allowed to use a Secondary of your choice.
-You may also use MAV/T-UGS if you would like.

The VIP will spawn in when he/she feels ready. The VIP should then hide and wait for assistance from Escort team. The Attack team can patrol for the VIP/Escort team or can simply wait at the objective.

We are always taking suggestions. This is a work in progress, please post your ideas.

Objectives(In case they don't display on some Conquest maps):

Operation Firestorm: Top of Bravo building, Extract with US heli
Caspian Border: Inside any of the Delta buildings
Kharg Island: Inside the Delta Warehouse(You have to blow open a door or window to get in)
Gulf of Oman: Top of G building, Extract with US heli
Damavand Peak: Southern tunnel(This one might get changed)
Operation Metro: Alpha flag, Either side building will work,M-Com room and the opposite one work too
Strike at Karkand: Bravo Building, Stand at base of ladder(This is a new objective, used to be hotel)
Sharqi Pennisula: Charlie building, the hotel
Grand Baazar: Top of the triple floor building at Charlie

==== INFO ====

IF YOU WANT TO PLAY, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: When you join the teamspeak and it's empty or just a few people, please stay in the teamspeak if you're going to be in front of the computer anyway. This way it'll be easy to call on you for a VIP run when the time comes or enough people are on.


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