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]ZAP[ initially was started by our esteemed leader Xaerozin in 2009, since then ZAP is a popular name in the field of gaming, and has shown its potential on battlegrounds. In the year, 2009, the sphere of ZAP was limited to modern warfare, where we competed against various other teams located in parts of India and came out with flying colors. But recently, ZAP felt that competing only in the sphere of Modern warfare 2 is not our expectations, and we started to build a team for Battlefield Bad Company 2, Medal of honor, Crysis 2 and Homefront so that we can compete in tournaments like OG Series, Vixture and Fraggednation. With the efforts of Xaerozin, KruSnIK and A-n-d-r-o-!-d, this team is finally becoming a reality. We believe in strategic and role play gaming is the key to success in any of the tournaments. With the release of Battlefield 3, the ZAP advanced its arena into the game and started building a team to compete in upcoming Indian and other tournaments.


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