[TCB] The Care Bears
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Platoon Presentation

Our [TCB] Server sponsored by Metzger_AT_ <3:

Fun (ehm i mean Pro) Gamer Clan since 2011. TCB stands for The Care Bears, also known as The Cheater Bros. And not The Cheating Bastards, as some enemys of us raging in the game-chat. Haters gonna hate. :D http://tinyurl.com/6nhs3cy

Platoon Presentation Video:

Official TCB Hymne:

Base Rape since 2009, beginning in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Only Reecon820 didn't do it :D.

In Battlefield Bad Company 2 we called our platoon: [VKS], which means Volksvereinigung Katholischer Sozialisten (engl.: United Catholic Socialists). Maybe you know us :D.

Platoon Picture Explanation:
Crowned Dinosaurs with wheeled walker tried to fight uphill against Skelleton Man with handgun and knife. Skelleton Man protects the fire tower, which is the housing of the Care Bears. Thats us :D.

Leaders and Founder:
+ iamw0lf: The only ESL Pro Gamer in platoon. Without him, you can't win a match :D. See him in reallife action in vid under his synonym Arnold :D. 96 kills in 3 minutes. Easy for him. Unfortunately he is not so good in body-shape anymore, but his skills are the same :D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmPylZecOQc

+ vald0ran: Teamkiller No.1 in Platoon :D. Look @iamw0lf vid, with the difference he kill all his squad and teammates. :D

+ Reecon820: Mr. Fix it, repairs every tank just in time :D. Before he repairs tanks, in the video link you see his first job. Thx Mr. Fix-It. :D *thumbs-up*

+ rob_iddqd: Hacker and MBT noob. He can't play without Cheats. Watch his cheating youtube vids. Tank Noob. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haL4Y4_fwxQ

+ greentea69: An all around, unstoppable Gamer Force. Hoah! Also top RPG Weapon Expert in the world. Aber Caaaaaaarl... So ein Feuerball Junge. BAMM. Engl.: Such a fireball dude. BOOM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VUjvRG_a6U

+ ToBeHacked [formally known as Dirrot]: Knife Master. Last words he said: I'll be back. And he`s back.

+ Bozzle: Plants C4 on Flags in Conquest Domination. What else to say? :D

Best Frieds:
The best friends of the Care Bears which are very nice teamplayers as we are :) Undergrowman, PVKILLER_CZ and Shadinhoo. Become a Care Bear Friend :) http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/de/platoon/2832655391623837144/

Want to become a Care Bear?
Be a teamplayer, and take a nice looking Care Bear with clouds as your Avatar. You find the cloudy Care Bears here: http://tribes.tribe.net/carebear_luvas_tribe

And also know: We are awesome!!! :D

Platoon Slogan:
We are a band of brothers nothing can come between us... nobody (... as long her name isn't justin bieber)

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