Last ones Standing
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Currently Recruiting. I blame Jiggly

We are a clan that is based on the idea of unity
--We strive to make each game enjoyable, not frustrating
--We have a strong base and foundation for the clan, which is lead by the members of the clan.
--We strive to help you become better at battlefield at all times. Everyone can become better no matter how good you are.
- Have a decent K/D or SPM.
-Not afraid to play a different class if needed to do so
- Know Your Role. Fix vehicles, throw ammo boxes, revive, use your gadgets. Use “common-sense”
- Show everyone respect and we’ll do the same
We have members all over the world. No racism
(yes we joke around with each other just don’t take it too far)

-At least one clan leader is assigned to a specific squad and each squad is assigned a certain area for maps
-Always play as a team and help others out

-LoS can be anything you want it to be.
Last ones Standing,
Last of Sinners,
Let one Suffer,
Lack of Sanity,
Liberate or Seize.

-It is always great if you have a mic, battlefield is all about communication but it’s not required to have one

-Fun and enjoyable players and people are what makes up LoS, but at the same time we are a "Win or Go home" type of clan as well. Losing is rarely an outcome that any of us will accept. At times though even the best must be shot down at some point. It's just how you recover from that situation that makes you a true battlefield gamer. If you think we're the right choice for you then select join.
-We often play together in the same lobbies, if you see LoS on the scoreboard, remember that’s us, and it could be you as well.

-If you need to ask me anything feel free to add me on battlelog or on psn, xAcRyLiCx227 or even message one of the members. Well that’s it for now. Take it easy. We’ll see you on the battlefield

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