Tank Time
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Our clan was originally created as just a thing for my closest friends. And it still is, really. Nothing really about skill, just us all being mutual bros.

Members are accepted and recruited based on friendship. This clan is made up of mutual friends and I bring in members once we reach that bro level. I'm now accepting new members. All you need to do is play on our server and be a bro!

TT does not have a server at this time. We may lease another one.

There are no specific rules for the server beyond "Do not steal vehicles from enemy home base". Home base is locations out of bounds for either team. The out of bounds area is referred to as "The no-no zone".

Anything goes, so long as it is not a blatant exploitation or blatant asshole behavior. What constitutes as exploitation or asshole behavior is somewhat arbitrary, and only the most blatant offense will result in a ban. Players who suck really bad will be kicked to make room for players who actually want to play.

For the sake of anyone who actually came here for a full list of rules, let me give you a list of reasons why we've had to ban people.

*Impersonating an Admin
*Threatening an Admin
*Going places that players were never meant to be
*Land Shark
*Repeated kamakazi attacks
*Repeated suicide c4 attacks
*Playing music
*Sabotaging teammates
*Being an asshole
*Being a six-year-old with an idiot for a dad

We generally give everyone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to most asshole activities. Our objective is to keep the peace on the server, and we will not abuse our power.

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