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TitsUp^ [TU] Now Recruiting!

Have you got what it takes to become a member?
Can you be trusted to give ammo or health?
Can you co-operate equipment effectively?
Can you work as part of a team?
Can you see this is just a game and not rehab for real soldiers?

Join us - 10 game probation (but we can tell after just 1!).

Must use TU as your tag if playing with another TU member.

Allies & Offspring : SKNE
Allies : LoK, TBS

Tits Up (TU^) have been around for many years, on PC, PS2, PS3 and have always followed the rule that you must have fun at all times, whilst working as a team.

Our objective is to kill first and kill hard while laughing and then disco dancing on your bodies.

Please take a moment to read our code of practice if you wish to join our clan.

1. Behaviour - You will remain pleasant and friendly to others, however, cursing is permitted in moderation or in the event of death. Abusive behaviour is not tolerated.

2. Commitment - You are not obligated to attend Clan Matches, you are however required to play regularly and as part of the team. Those that go AWOL will be discharged.

3. Fun – You MUST agree that this is just a game – no matter how much you hear your leader crying that he’s dead and is about to throw PS3 out of the window, you will play on, whilst laughing at the bodies of your friends and foes.

### Stats ###


### Comms ###

http://www.teamspeak.com (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android)
Label: TU & Warlords
Address: dot1q.se
Nickname: Your nick name, Toby, or Sergant Meat shield
Server Password: Available upon request

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