Soldiers Taking Reign
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Platoon Presentation

If you want to Join our platoon you must be an active BF3 player and Start on STxR recruits

WE ONLY want ACTIVE members that Support our tag (STxR), Register on our website, Play with our Platoon often, take BF3 somewhat Seriously when it comes to Matches.

All Recruits will Have to go through a Trial Run

Before being accepted into STxR Elite, show us that you are an Active BF3 player and take Gaming Seriously.

We are a Laid back group of Gamers but when it comes to Clan Matches, we Stick to our Assignments and Work together as a TEAM!

We have a Team on and You will need to have an Account on there as well
It has been Difficult to Find those Few Individuals who actually want to take the time like Myself to Practice and Participate in Clan Events

Most people just Join and dont do Anything! That will not Be accepted. So if you do care about Gaming You will take the Time To join Our STxR recruits and Show us you want to play. Not too Hard to do!

As Founder, i would like to have a group of Gamers that Stick Together through Future Battlefield Games and other First person Shooters. As a Team we can grow and Become a Respectable Platoon out on the Battlefield.

If your a serious Gamer, WE WANT YOU!!

Check out our Official Website to Read what we are all about and then decide if this Platoon is for you!

- Death Clan (DiE):

Game Tips:
WHEN: Every Day During Weekdays (Mon. - Fri.) at 8:00pm PST
REQUIRED: Attend at least 2 a week to participate in games on weekends
- Close Quarters & Conquest

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