The Blessed Resistance
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Platoon Presentation

God first, Platoon second, Objective third.

We are a tight knit platoon, always growing and learning, friendly to everyone, even if they are not to us. Occasional skirmishes with other clans and platoons help us to grow and see how far we have progressed. As a group we strive towards Teamwork, Communication, and Winning; simple yet effective. Please feel free to contact a leader if you like to contribute to the Blessed Resistence as we encourage all new ideas. Let's go have some fun!

*Must play with 2 leaders before application is accepted
*Must have a mic
*Must have new map packs. (Due to playability)
*No one will be denied due to their race or religion.

*Any problems contact a Leader
*Keep cursing to a minimum
*Be respectful to everyone; teammates and opposition
*When adding players on xbox it would help to leave a message with friend invites

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