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Platoon Presentation

Need a medic?....You all patched up.
Require ammo?....Its right behind you.
Perhaps an eye in the sky?....Enemy spotted.
Urgent repairs?....All done.
Is that Tank grinding ur nipples?....Badda-bing-badda-BOOooOM!

Born out of Bad Company 2
A d4Rk duo emerged.
In the uncertain darkness, the brothers come to unite and fight as one

To form a band. A d4Rk Company.

To deal death and distruction to their foes under a blanket of black night.
From the shadows, the brothers form their union.
From the shaded ashes of war, we form our trust.
We are d4Rk*Company.

From the dunes of Atacama, to the beaches of Kharg Island. We welcome you, d4Rk Brother.
You are not a true member until you hate Mattttttt2 with all your guts at some point ;D

Acinixys and Kylepile236 are the MASS monkeys, might wanna make yourself scarce.

Keep sharp objects out of Matttttt2's reach at all times. He will stab anything that moves.

Give GrantdXxSniper a RPG, and he will go to the ends of the earth to put it up a spotted heli's arse.

Don't run from Stoupie the hunter, you will just die tired.

When you hear "WHAT THE.......?????" you know Sab3rr just sh@t himself.

Nothing on the ground or in air can hide from the VIPER-like reign of HAVOC dealt by end3ff3ct and Isp3riA...

Keep leaving that enemy on 5% HP? You just Zynxed the guy!

Kyle was not pay attenshun!

-------------------------------------------------------------- ***NOTIFICATIONS*** ---------------------------------------------------------

Remember, where there is one d4Rk brother, there is always another.

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