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Platoon Presentation

ALL MEMBERS OF SquadPlay|EU ARE LEADERS. That means all members can invite other players.


Do you wish to play as a coordinated unit on BF3 Public Servers? Apply for SquadPlay|EU.

SquadPlay|EU is not a clan, anyone can join SquadPlay|EU. SquadPlay|EU is a way to find like minded players with the goal of intense Squadplay on Public Servers. SquadPlay|EU focuses primarily on Squadplay on Public Servers.

SquadPlay|EU is best suited for those who are already in a clan of their own and wish to stay active in their
current clan/community.

SquadPlay|EU is perfect for those who wish to play BF3 as a team game but prefer not to officially join a clan.

You can use the platoon feed to sollicit for players with your gaming style.

You have to be willing to use a microphone. You can not have decent squadplay without voice communication.

TeamSpeak 3 available @
Password : riot Channel : Battlefield 3

Or use any Voice Server at your disposal.


Check out the UK version of SquadPlay|EU @

If you want to be part of a gaming community check out Bloodriot :


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