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Platoon Presentation

Get on our backs or get pooped on. Eat dirt .4Shizzle Ma Fizzle Nizzle Gajiggle .Gajiggle?. Yes....gajiggle. and pajiggle... :/ oK then

do be do be do wah do be do be do wah.. well wooopy dooopdy dooo -_-

There is a hair in meee Soup

Want free Jolly Ranchers? Mmm Jolly Ranchers type in RoKgirlSF on youtube n subscribe. .....sumtimes yu gotta givem away all my candy ._.

Want to fly like peter pan? Talk to Magic Mike he got that pixie dust and the wand. Laugh out loud

WANT FREE MUD? wtf? ..Ha ooh yeu muud .Mud facials, mud baths , mud pies anything with mud we got yu covered .Talk to Elox about 5min for 1 dorrah..holllaaa! sorry no Happy Endings although there are exceptions ;] what what in the butt

You cannot have a complete meal without breakfast. or can you. i know i can. Or can't . Or canned tomato soup

When life gives you lemons, cut them bad boys up n crack open a couple bottles of corona cuz we gon BBQ!! Yessir all you can eat buffet and dnt worry if yu cant pay put it on Afro's tab thank you n have a nice day :] honk honk

When life gives you pie say no thnks . throw it back pies.

All Members of our platoon will now be subject to speak with a russian accent whenever you knife someone. You must say "For Mother Russia" while the act occurs. If you don't you will have to go make mud pies with Elox... -__- really? My name is Dimitri. Signing off.

Make mee :P you will write 4mr


tacos are delicious. obviously. so in order for us to live up to our good name, we must eat tacos, daily, hourly. whenever you knife that camping feggit, have a taco pie. it will make you feel good.(After i take a Mad shit FULL OF RAINBOWS Y BUTTERFLIES it will..[Lmao].*Chorrrooo*) and if you're feeling extra spicy, add a bacon margarita to the fiesta(Bacon Margarita? Mmm sounds delish ill take one).or tequila shots or both if you a badmufasa ahhhhsebedyascatomichisimoits the circle of life.
BYOB Bake your own buns...or you will be kicked out of the group
P.S. if you are caught using that dang SPAS/PP19/44 MAGNUM/M5K/M416/M16A3 you will be shipped to China on a cargo ship, in a box of gold and sink to the bottom of the live with Gary and contract his snail STDs. ...Id rather cut off squidwards nose n eat it! ......who let the cannibal in here..Hannibal is a creeper. And a great babysitter to my kids....def he is, NOT

I dnt knife people.They accidently run into my blade made of air-theads

Rokky likes to chocolate chip °o°…someone tell bonniEEE to get back in the kitchen, I'm still waiting for my pbj and pie.pfff . no pfff-ing here.


Its not polite to open door while someones taking a dump. Says you.. Eww. well shit, bring toilet paper then cuz I ran toilet paper, only leaves

My Xperia shits on the S4 all day everyday 4lfe...not if it has to always be plugged into the wall AHHHHHHHHH

Our youngest member Lazy6uy after getting his wisdom teeth pulled.

Msg mike if you intrested for puppy suits. he like to knit suits for puppies...special deal for the 4th of july right now. order 9 and MAKE ELOX EAT A KNUCKLE SANDWICH and you get 100 E-VIVES (get it? get it?) dnt forget to purchase fireworks. special deal for summer break...if you buy 10 fireworks you get chicken and pies for free compliments of mike, you'll find him on the street corner next to the fire hydrant.

PIMPIN AIN'T EAZY . it is for Ez Easy Mac

Isla De Los Canibales otherwise known as Cannibal Island(Obviously not finished yet) . Population: 19
Jurassic Park aint got shit on this island..Here T-Rex don't chase us we chase him!!! yea that's right noob. WE EAT DINOSAURUS DOWN TO THE BONE!!!

We be pimpin cuz rok be wanting that in n out but no she cant have any, cuz dat shizz gonn be expire by the time its sent to her. So I make her a taco (____) . thats a taco and if ube wanting burritos well too bad kid. idk how to make burritos. hashtagyoloswagi dont like tht kid guys yolo 420 potato

Lazy taco man:

So you think you can handle the BUN Snatchers of Doom? Think again. We snatch BUNs better than Cruella Devil. So the next time you think you're going to knife a mofo just remember we will snatch all the buns up. So hide yo wife, hide yo kids, and you better be hiding yo BUNs because the next thing you know your BUNs will vanish right before your very eyes. CHACHING



Tacos are now officially for pros, Elox on the other hand is still waiting for his trial of acceptance. That will be next year. Sorry e. U R OUT MOJITO


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