The Screaming Eagles
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Platoon Presentation

This is The Screaming Eagles Platoon.

We are a competitive clan, anyone can join just apply and someone will get to you're request, although you must be serious about playing for us. We plan on competing in events/tournaments/clan matches, but currently we do not compete. If you wish, you can apply for the first team by contacting either LingL1ng ,MrScottieDoo or MrBadgerCakes.

Current Platoon Assets
Teamspeak: (Download at:

Current First Team Players
LingL1ng(Founder, Head Admin)

Meetings will be held on Sundays on all members to report in.
If you would like to join TSEP just apply, we will check stats and then deem you worthy or not.

Setting your clan tag to "TSEP" is required to remain a member.


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