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Platoon Presentation

Synchronised Killing is looking for more soldiers...
to join our platoon and server

Join the SERVER NOW!:

Our server will have no restriction for weapons
use your M320s as much as u want!

The intense battles will fight through
Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch 24/7
our only restriction is no HACKERS!!!

when are our members reach milestones are reached there will be special matches..

We are an Australian based group or Oceanic group
our server is built around our members the more members the longer it will be here

Invite your friends! The more you invite, the more chance you will became a admin!

Visit The new SyncKill TeamSpeak 3 server at:
Special Thanks To ProdicalCondite for the server

If you invite your friends let the LEADERS of the platoon know so they can keep a record of your chance to be an ADMIN or get the person to post a feed explaining who sent them!

For More information just scroll down the wall feed

Platoon feed

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