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>> This page is updated frequently. Check regularly for server updates and news. <<
Last edit: 11/11/13 (espeluk)

** Please do not apply for this platoon if you are already a member of the old one ( - #1) **

# Like our servers and want them to stay online? #
- All you need to do is click "Become a fan" top right of this page.
- Then add all the servers below to your favourites.
- Check out the Gaming Website and see if there is anything you like: More features **COMING SOON**
- Finally play on the servers regularly!

# Contact Scan Gaming #
- : Scans official forums. Come check them out and discuss your favourite BF3 servers!
- Follow @ScanGaming on Twitter -
- Join our Scan SteamGroup -
- We're now on Reddit too! -

# BF4 Servers #

# BF3 Servers #
>>> NOTE: All servers start as 0/4 slots on Canals TDM or Ziba GM. Slots, maps, and tickets are then intelligently adjusted as more players join. Until switching to the main map cycles/modes below. <<<

#4/7) - 64 Players / BF3 / Rush and Conquest 64

#5/7) - 64 Players / All Expansions / Mixed game modes!

#7/7) 32 Players / BF3 / TDM

*** #1, #2, #3, and #6 are now shutdown permanently to free extra resources for the bigger BF4 servers. ***

# Detailed Server Info #
- You can view a list of exactly what maps and modes are run on each server here:
- Ping Kicker - players with an average ping above 150ms will be kicked to free space.
- Join our Teamspeak 3 server : TS3 Details - (no password)
- Servers protected by Punkbuster, Metabans, PBBans, and some custom filters/rules.
- Intelligent Team Balancer
-Teams are scrambled at the end of TDM/CQ rounds if there is a large score difference.
- Custom server settings: Sensible ticket counts, Idle time set to 15 minutes, All other settings default (including vehicle respawn timer)
- !voteban & !votekick enabled

# Other Games #
Be sure to check out our Team Fortress 2, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, CS:GO and more game servers!

# Common Questions and Answers #
- Q: I use BF3 Tweaker and am always kicked from your servers. Why?
- A: Although it can be changed to have a positive improvement on the appearance of the game. It can also give an unfair advantage with extra damage or less recoil.

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