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Platoon Presentation


We are a platoon that utilizes planned team squad tactics, and advanced communication techniques to come out on top of every game whether in casual play on our server or during scheduled official matches against other platoons.

This platoon is built around two core values.

The first is to ensure that there is an impeccable platoon chemistry which will lead to an unbreakable bond between members, and an undying loyalty to the platoon and each other. Anyone corrosive to this chemistry will most likely not last long in this platoon.

The second is that .fRacturE is based around freedom of play and ideals. All members of [fR] are allowed to join specialty platoons(ie. Ace jet pilots/DICE Hunters), and will be allowed to go through the leaders to create their own Squad Rush teams and such. Albeit that these do not interfere with official 12v12 or 8v8 [fR] matches. All ideas and changes that go through the platoon will be put through every active member. This allows the members to mold the platoon into something better with the foundation being pulled from multiple avenues.

If you like what you see, and think you want to become a part of our family, please submit an application. Afterwards you can contact our founder or one of the leaders to get yourself on track to becoming a part of our family.

.fRacturE Code of Conduct:

1. Don't be rude or troll other players.
2. Don't change your platoon tag. You can join specialty platoons and teams but stay loyal to [fR].
3. Whenever possible, squad up and play together.
4. Earn respect for .fRacturE.
5. ALWAYS get the new guy's tags....:-)


We play core Conquest - 6v6/8v8/10v10/12v12

Official matches take priority over unofficial/practice
*If you don't show up (+10 minutes late) we won't reschedule, let us know beforehand if you can't make it.



-vs. [GRIP]- W
-vs. [603]- W
-vs. [CTO]- W
-vs. [o2d]- W
-vs. [Vipr]- W
-vs. [AoW]- W
-vs. [xFWx]- W
-vs. [OCK]- W
-vs. [AoA]- W
-vs. [SSKM]- W

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