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Platoon Presentation

Attendants of Ares has two different branches with in its self, AoA Special Forces, and Revenge of Ares. Revenge of Ares is a brother platoon that we will send players to to learn basic maneuvers, learn how to dominate the ground game, and learn a position that can be used for a clan match. AoA Special Forces is a piece of every roster that has been trained to know clan match positioning, special forces know there place, there timing, the weapon, the location of them selves and there own sector of fire, and will remain where they are ordered to be to ensure the domination of the clan match. Becoming part of the special forces will take hours of time and memory to ensure that you are one of the true blooded killers we need to rip apart any clan that faces us. All parts of said clan are a fighting force that will fight in unison to dominate any clans we face. Each win and loss given by each team will be marked here on this roster, We all came for War, get out there and win them.

Attendants of Ares Special Forces

Revenge of Ares /brother platoon
Ace Jet Pilot/Trainer:
vXAlpha OneXv

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chopper <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Scout/Attack Chopper Pilot/Chopper Trainer: xxXWolfZzz
Backup Chopper Pilot: CrzyCook1412
Chopper Gunner: ??????????????????????????????
Backup Gunner: ???????????????????????????????
Driver/Squad Leader: aka Brave
Driver: ?????????????????????????????????????
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TANK GUNNERS/REPAIR CREW<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Gunner/Maintenance: stew padasol
Infantry Commander: DestinedFool

Infantry ground Squad:
Aresxstrife (Co-clan leader)


Active: 12

MIA: 10

CharacterSphinx ( Parents took Xbox )
OathKeeper16( Vacation )
RaginLikeAKgin (Work and family issues/balancing)
Teamkiller (School/ unknown times of activity)
somedudeonline (School/ unknown times of activity)
CrimsonBlade (TV missile pro) (Where about Unknown)
Zodlac SnIper ( Vanished when Spawn did)
Spawnoftheking ( Vanished after 1st clan match he returned)
rs Manta ( Unheard for several weeks)
chickenjoebro (offline continuously/school)

Upcoming Games:

Won by the main body of AoA.
75th Midnight Rangers (TL: blizz827)
SSKM Elite (TL: Bellylaru)
AoD (TL: GKWilson)
RDDT (TL:Scabzs)
DOD (TL: King Zuess)
TPP (TL: sprtan yum yum)
NMW (TL: Unknown)
KoG (TL: KoG Guthixsfire)
St (TL: Saint From H311)
TLP (TL: Army jock)
xVx (TL: DFK Dopey)
eXz (TL:eXz NexesTLD) Quit first match because there current roster wasn't there main roster and was losing,

Games we learned from: 5
mG (Team Leader: Misfit I Blu3) REFUSE TO REMATCH
SoA (TL: AnarchYxSuperV)
tB (TL: DoCFatal)
PrG ( TL: Splatt xX) Mouse Key Board Admitted.
SDS (TL: asef)

Code of Conduct:
1. There will be no Raging or Trolling toward Clan Members.
2. There will be no purposely joining opposing team.
3. The clan tag is NOT optional and will be worn at all times.
4. When informing members that you can attend a match/practice/scrim/GB match and then no show, you will be benched until further notice.
5. Cellphone numbers (if you have them) are required so we can disseminate information about clan matches, your number will only be texted, you will not receive any phone calls, and I will not hand out your number to ANYONE.
6. From this point forward(July 9th 2012) this clan will no longer except members under the age of 18, except under extreme circumstances.
7. Inactivity with out known reason will be looked at as a run away, you will be kicked from this clan, if you are known to be gone, your status will be posted otherwise for continuous reminder.
8. AoA members will be part of no other "real" team while being part of this clan, you will be warned once, however your loyalty is needed to be part of this clan.
9. Sign up for web site, posting of team private battle plans and such will be posted in an AoA eyes only area of the web site. We need members to sign up or its pointless to make such video's to reenforce the clan. Also BF3 will no longer be the only side of AoA. There is a COD3(or what ever is next) and Halo:Reach Side to this clan.
more conduct requirements coming soon..

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