Brothers In Arms
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the Brothers In Arms Platoon Page

If your tired of playing by yourself, losing due to players who just don't play the objective, come join the Brothers In Arms. We are a semi competitive platoon, playing to win but have fun at the same time. Upon joining, you will have to follow the simple rules we have set below, nothing hard, just rules to help us feel more like a platoon.(cont)

1) Wear BIA at all times and keep up with the battlelog page
2) Squad up with your friends and start the BIA server
3) Practice is important, be there
4) Be reliable, if you say you can play in a clan battle, you must show up.
5) Have fun and PTFO plz=)


Leaders meeting Every Thursday at 8pm central to go over maps, practice ideas, killing Juldon and relentless etc.

Practice Schedule
-Friday's at 10pm central,

Leaders Practice
-Sunday 6:30pm Central

Practice will start 10 min after scheduled time to allow people to join and get ready,

practice is very important so we will not tolerate goofing off as it only lasts like an hour to hour and a half so come prepared

Key Practice points
1. Teamwork- ability to work as a squad

2. Communication-effectively communicate necessary info

3. Skill-accuracy, thought process

4. Competitive minded- urge to win no matter what

5. Consistency- play at the same intensity


Recruitment Thread (BUMP)





-Sealteam7country(RN's co-Leader)
If you wish to know more please add Schrute_farms123,relentless4redem,ccwillkillu, or Juldon_251509

Practice Video's,

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