Battlefield Veterans
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Platoon Presentation

Battlefield Veterans is a community of BF players around the world who have spent many hours in Battlefield games trying to unlock everything there is and become one of the world's best players


If you left/got kicked from our clan:

-You can rejoin but you don't have the right to become a Leader unless you show dedication

-You have a clan war penalty and you won't be able to "confirm" for 2 matches


Recruitment is now OPEN! Press the "Apply to Join" button and become a Veteran!


Leadership Recruitment System now OPEN!


Challenge the platoon founder (Poizoneheart-GR) in a 1v1 match (any map, mode: team deathmatch, small tickets) and if you win, i'll promote you into a leader! True Veterans earn Leadership!


Clan War Information:

If any clan is interested in Clan Wars, contact Poizoneheart-GR, Nameless_Muslim and Manolisfo. We are currently looking for a 4v4 or a 2v2 match


Incoming Clan War Information:

25/7/2012 against Kings of Legends ( at 19:00 - 21:00 pm GMT


Leadership Timeline

18/7/2012 - Kojakk_Moe beat me on 1v1 and got promoted to Leader. Well done!

19/7/2012 - Manolisfo challenged and beat me on 1v1 (Sniper Only match) and got promoted to Leader. Congratulations!

25/7/2012 - kost988 challenged me on 1v1 (RPG only match) and failed to promote into a Leader.


Clan War Timeline

25/7/2012 - BFV (Battlefield Veterans) vs. KOL (Kings Of Legends) Result : 1-0 (BFV Won)

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