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Platoon Presentation

The Bro Wings is for those who either want to learn to fly and be a Bro Pilots or want to have a wing man on the battlefield in order to cover up for each other and become death machines on the battlefield! Every one welcome!

The way to the Bro Wings.

You don't need any experience of Jets to join the program.
It's free and if join the program for the Bro Wings you must have the tag TBW.


F35b basic flying at Wake Island.

More info is coming soon,

We will film sometimes so get Fraps so we could make movies. But it's not necessary for The Bro Wings.

Members who aren't active will get two warnings and then be kicked from TBW. If you want to be a member again in The Bro Wings so can you become member again. If you prove it.
To be a member of The Bro Wings BF3 platoon you must be a member of The Bro WIngs website first

Skype is needed, Awericke is my name! Or my real name Anton Öhrling (Ohrling)

If you want to quit, I want you to tell me why.


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