Elite Dawn
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Platoon Presentation

This is the main platoon of the Elite Dawn gaming clan we used to be named Disaster Company but we have out grown that name our clan is a close group of friends that love to have fun. We are a North American Xbox One clan that is growing fast so be sure to join today, and we will dominate the battlefield.
The Disaster Company Spartans
are also part of our platoon.
No stat requirement
Must live somewhere in North America
No age restrictions, but no high-pitched voices
Must be fluent in English
Must have a working headset
Must be reasonably active, if not you will be kicked
Respect the chain of command
Wearing platoon tags is suggested.
Members should check the official site at least once a week we no longer use battlelog

Check out my Youtube Channel for the latest clan videos and other funny stuff.

Platoon members will be updated on platoon changes and clan matches on our Official Site and Xbox Live we no longer use Battlelog.


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