Elite Armed Forces™
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╔═══════════════════════☣Elite Armed Forces™☣════════════════════════════╗

We are true Battlefielders , We are all one hand together in every single thing we win and we lose together and nothing can break us apart.
{We are Lone Wolfs , Powerful , Unstoppable we stand on top and Dominate and that's what we do}.
We always have clan training and clan matches so u have to be active.
We Are Simply Pros and we always get badder and better!

---------------------FACEBOOK PAGE----------------------------
Where u can ask about the best setup about any weapon or vehicle due
to I watch all famous youtube BF3 gamers like LevelCap and
RivalXfactor etc.. trust me i never failed ;) and u can post what
ever u like and i'll help u....and all the news will be updated there
.......visit and LIKE the page :)


------You have to be active!
------Headset is required
------Age +13
------High K/D
------High SPM
------[EAF] as your clan tag

------------------CLAN NEWS----------------------------------------
Join friendly clans:
Apocalyptic Vengeance [aVn]

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