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Platoon Presentation

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SUMMARY: Second part of "Tape" when the soldiers wake up after the earthquake and shows their story as they try to escape post-earthquake Karkand.

ACTORS: 8-12
NOTE: You will need AFTERMATH to play! Nothing else.


Welcome to the Blue Entertainment's Machinima Actors Guild!

This is a platoon specifically for experienced actors in BF3 and other games. News and other information for filming will be posted here so make sure to check back often!

If you are filming your project feel free to contact any of our members here!

-----TEAMSPEAK IP: ""-----------

----- HOW TO JOIN! -----

To join the Actors Guild you will have to meet all the following requirements:

1. Be available to act in Machinimas
2. Have Battlefield 3 on a PC (Sorry we don't film on consoles)
3. Have read and understood this: (Fixed link)
4. Understand filming doesn't take 30 minutes, but can take hours. So you'll need to have the free time.
5. Understand that filming isn't all fun and games, its serious business. You may have to stand on one spot for a long time and be patient.
6. Have teamspeak installed and have a microphone.
7. Understand the things possible and not possible with the Frostbite 2 engine.
8. Register on the forums:

Having Premium is a plus! But not required.

To join its really not that difficult, we're always open for new people!
If you feel like you meet all the requirements, go ahead and apply!

--- How to work on a machinima with Blue Entertainment ---

A lot of cases we are short on hand, when it comes to that we try to film on Saturdays in the morning times for the US, so European people won't have to be up until 4am doing it.



We will remove people who are not actively acting with us. Yes sometimes you might be away, but if you are nowhere to be seen in months, we'll have to remove you until you return.

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