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Platoon Presentation

,=- The baddest ass shooters in Town -=,

I shot you down>>> bang bang!!!

Our 10 rules:

Must be followed or you will face death squad with rexers. (we will smile and wave)

1) Kill all hackers

2) No clowns allowed! No joke

3) You will not worry about rules and rex everyone:)

4) You will love dry humour even if your wet

5) Be lazy


Some facts:

- No bb guns only the sexy Rexy

- We have fun at all times

- Spassing is for noobs

- Our logo is lame

- We will probably teabag you and make you rage quit

- We think we live outside bf

- We are blamed for hacking everyday (Thank you for the compliment)

- We like to talk shit and give a shit every now and then

- Which brings us to you wasting your time by reading this presentation.

Oh yes...We still dont give a shit


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