Where's your Squad?
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Stop being such a Squad-Noob!


Example of Squad-Noob's.)
1/4 Alpha
3/4 Bravo
2/4 Charlie
1/4 Delta [LOCKED]
8 Not in a squad!

Soldiers on the Battlefield:

* Assault: Gives Medical attention, attacks the objectives and, supports Squad-mates.
* Engineer: Attacks the enemies vehicles and, Repairs teammates vehicles.
* Recon: Spots enemies and, enemy vehicles; also supports from a long distance range.
* Support: Lay's down suppressive fire for Squad-mates and, supports squad-mates.

----- True Story -----



Also another example.)



A Guide to be a Squad-mate:

A Battlefield Squad consist of Four players.
This guide is to show you or, the person who wants to know how to be a Good squad-mate or to advance there Team playing abilities.

Saying that Squads are an Important thing in an understatement. Team are the very essence of the Battlefield Franchise, as anyone who has played any of the Battlefield games can attest to this.
A Squad that works together and that carries good people can make the other teams drop to the ground. A lot of us experience this.

A little information about Squads: Anyone in the Squad may spawn on that player or on that spawn beacon, as this is very helpful.
If you're playing Hardcore Mode, this is very different. You may only spawn on the Leader of the Squad. The Squad Leader is chosen by who is doing the best in that squad.

The chances of you succeeding in Battlefield Multiplayer is much higher if you're playing in a Squad, than playing as a Lone-wolf.

* Tactical Spawning: The ability to spawn on your members can also be used Tactically. Players can position themselves in certain points. Now, your squad-mates will be able to spawn at that certain point. This trick can both startle enemies and Ex.) Make it easier to Attack and Defend your Objective.
* Formidable: Do you think it's okay to walk up to your Bullies on your own and ask them to leave you alone? Or would you feel stronger if you could be bring your Friends? Being apart of a Pack has it's advantages. - Also in BF3.
A Pack that attacks simultaneously pose a more greater threat than a single player.
* Coordination and orientation: Your squadmates' markers have a different color than other players on your team. This makes it easier to keep track of where they are in time. It's very useful when you are away from squad. Another advantage is Awards, you get more points for being in a Squad.

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