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Welcome To The Premier League
(Starts Week 48)
Win = 3 Points
Draw = 1 Point
Loss = 0 Points

All Matches Must Be Match Fixed, between the two clans playing.
2 Maps Both Sides 100% tickets.(4 Games In Total)
12 VS 12 Conquest

2 Leaders Of Each Platoons Allowed In Here

It Is Preferred That All Games Are Played Friday To Sunday, But Can Be Played Any Time Of The Week

There Is Home And Away Games. Home Teams Hosts The Server Unless Something Else Is Planned.
If The Fighting Teams Is From Different Continents, The Match Can Be Split Up With One Map Each For Each Team-Server.
If One Of The Teams Want It So, Its One Of the Rules. Hometeam Hosts The First Map If That Scenario Should Happen.

If one team forfeits, the remaining team gets the 3 points.

If the match/burn is not started before 30 minutes after the agreed time, the “waiting” team CAN call a forfeit-win. If your are having trouble with the server, you have to tell it to the other rep before the 30 min mark (take a screenshot of the chat after you tell them), this way they are informed, and you will have an extra 15 minutes to either fix or switch servers.

The way the rules are set is to make all games fair. When two platoons plan their match and choose their own rules, that is ok, but has to be agreed from both platoons.

Each team gets to choose one map each for the round, doing both sides so it will be 4 matches in one round. The match are either set up here on BLog so everyone gets in the server for beginning, or one TDM-match as warmup before start, that round does NOT count.

If the two fighting clans cant make up a time to battle, the standard time is 1900 UTC on sundays.

You have to use matches in battlelog when playing, then a roster will be set and a battlereport can be given to prove a WIN/LOSS. Other safe proof can be used instead(like video).

Matches has to be cancelled 3 days before start, in order to get a rematch (only 1 rematch will be given).

If the platoons cant get a time together for their match that week, it is possible to do it later in a week when they allready got a match. If they choose to do so, it has to be announced below here before the original battle-week is over, with time and date when they will play their match.

Its one match a week, round 1 starts week 48. Round 2 starts week 49, round 3 week 50 and so on.
1. No Glitching

2. Base-Stealing (Parked un-used vehicles still counts as cheating if you take)

3. No Base-Rape unless you have CAPTURED all Flags

4. No jet-ramming

5. Have fun

6. All Weapons Allowed

7. If you receive yellow card, it will be there for 3 games,if u break 1 rule in this time you will be kicked from league.
Links - Clan Battlelogs
1.console Faction * cF_IMuI2dErI *
2.Conquest Project * CQP_banan *
3.Copenhagen Elite * behansom and HrNielsen1 *
4.Death Before Dishonor * DBD_SeRious *
5.devastatioN * mickeeloof *
6.Fulltime Killers * FK-Ville * (OUT)
7.Give Me Back My Son * Panadoli *
8.HonorBR * HonorBR-LuTeROo- * (OUT)
9.IGNOTUM PERNIX PUGNAX * xCrimsonFyre- and eRoCcx *
10.Legion * LGN___Sundance *
11.Tactical Elite Squadron * TE5xAssa1lant and matthias152_TE5 *
12.Take You Out Clean * Jikke_NL * (OUT)
13.FatSom * Tonzah86 * (OUT)
14.GeniX eSport * GnX_KillSwitch *
15.HEIL - Clan of Honor * Toni_zg5 *
16.Hell's Québec * MRCVNCNT *
17.Lethal Viperz * Itz_Kojo * (OUT)
18.lots of Lamers * loL_artikam *
19.Sweden Special Forces * Vaniljpaj and Slowhand_79 *
20.Surmapartio Elite * Sotakone88 and Jindetta * (OUT)
21.Sweden xclusive esport * Enzo_sxe and sXe-ALEQSANDER *
22.Ziele für die Schweine * ChickenEvolution and MrRikius *
23.41st legion * ZippoM205 *
24.Aim High * PUNISHER-RG *
25.Areo * TheAllstarmike and A-J-D-2011*
26.Gangsters n Gentlemen * SweatySweetness and Th3_Dani5h_N1nja *
27.Hellguns * badamacho1982*
28.Hells Riders * Killzone_Hadders and axelkronik88 * (OUT)
29.Just us Elites * Danskunator *
30.Say No More * kirky62 and MrGardner420 *
31.Section8 * Nilssen84 and Snus_SvS (Contact) *
32.The Covenant Command * UrbanKiller000 and force-x-11*
33.AlMightY * RLution *
34.Colonels Xenophobia * Colonel-Riydek *
35.Foxtrot Gaming * Crookeyes *
36.H.U.G.S * Johnkock *
37.Italian Gamers Elite * IGE_EfFeCt93 *
38.Mighty Ass Kickers * armorking110 *
39.RAW * MrLoco_T *
40.Spetsnaz * exesyourself *
41.TRS MERCENARIES * Mike-Clappo * (OUT)
42.Quackin Duck * vodka4win *

Waiting List:
1.Titans of War * TOW-JazdaBham * (Passing Season One)
2.Portuguese Syndrome * pt_maniac_97 and DISOCRATES * (Passing for now)
4.The Kamikaze Kings * orsak6682 *
5.Tactical evasion Team * TeT_dr_Snake-- and Frizenko * (2nd division)

Contact: MrRikius

League Table:

Match Calendar:
Contact: behansom

League Table:

Match Calendar:
Contact: exesyourself

League Table:

Match Calendar:
Contact: LGN___Sundance

League Table:

Match Calendar:

For more information, contact your division leader or Torrets

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