Never Say Braai SoF
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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is dedicated to troll one specific platoon. Im sure we can all guess who =P Enjoy guys

This is the fastest growing platoon in BF3 History. We plan to have the most members in any BF3 clan.

Interesting facts about this clan is like myself this clan originated from Brakpan we love the tools and fleis. we suck at taking jokes or making jokes.

Like for long walks on the beach.
Also for Romantic Movies.
Meaningful conversations with myself.
Listening to Justin Bieber and Celiene Deon.
I can like to drink many Dops aswel.

Mom: ProRenjie ! go clean your room!
ProRenji: No ! BE useful and repair me !!
Mom: I dont have enough Drilling Hours ! wait !
ProRenji: I'll ROLL you ! Come at me fag !
Mom: Renji ! stop, ill call ProDaddy!
ProRenji: Oh come on mom ! ''meeeh meeeh'' *snif snif snif snif*
Mom: go shower !
ProRenji: meeeh ! but i dont want to, ( ProRenji serious face) wana go back to PC !
Mom: ill call Daddy !
ProRenji: oh ... meeeeeehhhh !!! snif snif (going to shower)

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