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Tag: [VtX] Fans: 0 Created: 2012-11-20

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Recruiting 10/16-18 (players)

Created in 11/21/12
ViTaL is a very late competitive clan into the bf3 world. It started out as a joke with me and "emp20ire" and taken into something much more serious, to recruiting a couple of rouge player and start out as fresh clan, and not commit those mistakes that other clans have made.

-Admission Requirements-

KDR- 1.80 min
SPM- 500+

Exceptions may be made to friends.

Respect other teammates
No bragging
No members butthurting (most important rule)
Must add leader(emp20ire needs fwends)

Founder: RaisinMuffin
Co-founder: emp20ire
Name founder: TheRustyDusty
Gravatar: Omar "Reasson"


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