Saints & Sinners
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Looking for something real?

|•••<^>•••| "sAs" |¤¤¤<^>¤¤¤|

A process of development & true induction into a Battlefield brotherhood!

A series of challenges... To weed out the weak. To weed out the temporary. To find true brothers in arms that can be counted on consistently.

They don't make clans like us. For there is no clan like us.

Our members include the likes of ...

TravisLevi .. Tank master, Elite weapon proficiency. Tag snatcher.

Rojas .. Jet master, Weapon master. Not to be mucked with.

Beeman.. Mr. Reliable. Tank expert. Weapons expert. No job is too big a job.

Wright.. True medic. You ARE worth dying for. Reconnaissance expert to boot. Get ghosted.

Momo.. Lightning fast reaction time. CQB Master. Spas-12 God. Respect.

Wreckless.. Truly wreckless. Enough balls for the whole team. Heavy weapons expert. Bring the pain.

There will be a day where a formidable force is here.


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