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Welcome to oscarmike.com - Your dedicated BF3 community with over 1000 members!

Oscarmike.com is an open community commited to offering an entertaining Battlefield experience. We focus on running conquest servers without absurd gameplay limiting rules or meddling admins.

Our player friendly and unobtrusive yet diligent server management regularly places the Oscarmike.com BF3 servers amongst the highest ranks in terms of popularity. With the Vanilla Conquest server even giving Op. Metro 24/7 servers a run for their money in the world wide top 10 (PC).
If that not enough of a reason the community might convince you with an active forum, website live chat, regular event updates, subsidiary projects/websites and of course our focus on playing the objective with
VOIP on Ts3 ☛ ts.oscarmike.com

Sign up today at http://www.oscarmike.com/ and experience Battlefield 3 the way its meant to be played.

┌────────────── ★ SERVERS • PS3 ✈ oscarmike.com
├─ ☆ server #1 ☛ Oscarmike.com - Vanilla Cqst (caspian, kargh, firestorm)
└─ ☆ server #2 ☛ Oscarmike.com - Classic Cqst (gulf, canals, peak) ✞ Currently Offline

┌────────────── ★ SERVERS • PC ✈ oscarmike.com
└─ ☆ 5 servers online ☛check here ► http://goo.gl/Gs0Jr

┌────────────────── ■ App's oscarmike.com
├─ Minifield ► http://minifield.oscarmike.com
├─ StalkDice ► http://stalkdice.oscarmike.com
├─ Geo Rankings ► http://stats.oscarmike.com
└─ and more... :)

Get Premium member [oM] here → http://premium.oscarmike.com
We have introduced oM Premium for users who choose to support Oscarmike.com through monetary donations. All donors receive reserved slots, clan tag rights and a few other prestige features. oM Premium lasts 30 days and is awarded for any amount contributed. 100% of the proceeds go towards keeping the Oscarmike.com BF3 servers online. We want to thank all donors for supporting us in our endeavour to provide some of the most popular BF3 servers out there.

❂ oscarmike.com ➩ is looking for highly motivated and active users to help us maintain our website/forum and our Battlefield Servers ︻╦╤─ http://goo.gl/okvaJ

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