Battlefield Got Talent
Tag: [BFgT] Fans: 16 Created: 2013-04-18

Platoon Presentation

Do you think you got what it takes to be the best player in the world? Or maybe just be the best singer in the world? Who knows?

In this platoon we will be handling the following categories:

Best [country] Player:

Best Helicopter pilot:

Best Helicopter gunner:

Best infantry player:

Best RUSH player:

Best SQDRUSH player:

Best Tanker:

Best IFV driver:

Best Jet Pilot:

Best repair guy:

Best sqd leader:

Best Clanleader:

Best Clanhopper:

Best Rager:

Most Handsome Player:

Most beautiful voice:

Best Singer:

Best Jafra99 lover:

Best Knife skills:

Most Dogtags:

Best accuracy:

Best Headglitcher:

Best camper:

Best C4 Noob:

Best Jihad jeep driver:

Longest headshot:

Best Stinger who deserves the name Captain Igla:

Most original psn name:

Biggest E-p***s:

Best PubStar:

Most tryhard:

Best repairtool skills:

Best Mortar:

Best Troll:

Best MAV's skills:

Worst Badmin:

Best EODbot/Wal-E skills:

....More following


Rule is, people in this platoon can only vote once per each categorie, you cant vote for yourself.
people with most votes get nominated. Only 5 can get nominated per categorie.


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