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Platoon Presentation

ESSD (EnemieSSpotted) is a MOHW birthed platoon that uses an elite military tactics, {perfering to play on hardcore maps for BF3 and BF4} we'll be using this format until the BF4 format is up and running Add all leaders on PSN to help get groups running!
* Use the ESSD tag at all times in clan practice and matches
* Must Have Mic IF NO MIC MUST HAVE 220 SPM
* Must work as a team
* Respect all other platoon members
* No cheating, hacking or stats boosting
* No Racism (Or any other 'ism) - including Ageism, Socialism, Religious, Bigitry, and any type of negativity
* Starting the weekend of 1-4-2014 We will have dedicated battle times, everyday { set at 5:30, and 11:00pm EST,} on Both systems, these will be our peak times for practice sessions. To help us become a better force, but also to help small cliks fight stronger with each other. We will rehearse battle stratigies and teamwork {support units do need to help support, not just shot people, exc...}
*Stratigies will be reheased as 4 squads on the PS3, and 8 squads on PS4. Alpha and Bravo will our main power force for holding our T-Bone areas. Carlie and Delta will be for flanking enemy squads, and traveling to distant targets. That was for the PS3 on the PS4 A,B,Charlie will be our power houses and D,Foxtrot will be for flanking and traveling.
*looking for 5 Squad leaders, must have communication skills, with mic or controller. If you fail to give commands then you will be bust down. Recon can not be squad leader, but all squads must have a recon member. to allow two respawn points.
*All strategies will be discussed in matches to prevent outsiders from reading all our plans.
Looking forward to being the best platoon in the world. ESSD
*Squad leaders must be at least a lieutenant ranking, and know how to work in all class roles, and all squad jobs.

**Rankings Are As Follows***
Generals- urhaterkilledu, tgthug, Yahwehislove,
Colonel- hawk, elitehunter, mr clean, frosty, uranium 9,
Lieutenant- usa ray, unemployment, bluman, drzbeatz, brownstriker,
Sergeant- Crazsh,
Private 1st class- Aza-usa,
Private- all neebies for two weeks
More Ranks will be givin as platoon grows
ranks will be done weekly
*ANYONE UNDER 17 WILL NOT MAKE A HIGHER RANK THAN SERGEANT, AND CAN NOT BE SQUAD LEADERS!! We don't want any childs play, young and SERIOUS gamers will be treated as adults.
****Parental Advisory for EXPLICT language (we all drop F-bombs with out censoring it.)

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