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Platoon Presentation

Team M.I.A is a platoon for casual players or players who want to win as part of a team. We are NOT a seriously competitive platoon and don't intend on becoming one. If a friendly scrim is organised against a different platoon, details will be posted on our forum .

We are not very strict but the platoon will be divided into 2 groups,
1)Primary Attack Squad
2)Reserve Attack Squad.

Primary attack squad will contain active soldiers who will play together regularly. These will be the best of the best, the most elite. These are the hardcore, play-to-win members of the platoon.The one condition in this section of Team M.I.A is the selection process. When you first join M.I.A, leaders will look at your stats and monitor you in-game for a short period of time. You will then be asked by either myself or another leader to be in our Primary Attack Squad.

Reserve Attack Squad is for the casual play-for-fun members who play together whenever they see fit.

If you have any questions, message Whelane3 on battlelog or EpIcZz Squid on Xbox Live.

"When you see the letters K.I.A, you know exactly what happened. If you see M.I.A, you know it's time to worry"~ Team M.I.A

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