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Strength in Numbers is a semi-casual gaming Clan founded by --Pvt--Dancerx back in October 24 2011. We currently have around 50+ members and about 20 very active members within that group. We believe in fair play and working as a team in squads. communication is key in battlefield so we do use ventrilo and request all members to use it as well. We will take any active member regardless of skill and rank all that you can learn in time.

If you wish to join the platoon please apply on battlelog. Once you have done that go to our forums and register at After you have register, post an application there in the Application section. Make sure you read the code of conduct and the post on how to apply for the clan. You should receive a reply within 12 hours. Talking to an admin on ventrilo after completing the recruitment process can expedite the process.

Primary requirements

1. Able to work as a team in one squad or more. Our core belief is that we can always win if we work together.
2. You must be active at least a few days a week.
3. Must be able to download/Install Ventrilo
4. If you do not have a Mic right at this moment that is fine as long you plan on getting one in the near future.
5. Must be 18 years or older. Some exceptions are made.
6. Have to be Fluent in Engrish!
7. Must have a sense of humor and be able to get along with others.
8.You must be able to get future expansions or Premium on your own.

-You can go to our forums at
-Our youtube channel

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